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    5 Affordable Acne Remedies

    Acne and breakouts are common but manageable problems and handling it doesn’t have to break the bank! First, a quick update on my skin and an introduction if this is your first time here…

  • Beauty Wellbeing

    My Updated Skincare Routine

    Having undergone some changes in my skin, it was time to revamp my skincare regime. Here’s my new and improved routine! Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy about makeup and beauty…

  • Beauty Wellbeing

    Why I’m ‘Going Natural’

    After 6 years of having relaxed hair, I’ve decided to begin my  journey back to being ‘natural’ and here’s why… Admittedly, I am a little late to the Natural Hair Movement party. Having had a…

  • Wellbeing

    A Guide to Friendship and Mental Health

    Having been on both the giving and the receiving end of support in a friendship where one party is dealing with mental health issues, I’ve realised how difficult it can be knowing how to be…

  • Wellbeing

    2015: My Top 5 Life Lessons

    As we start a new chapter, I felt it was important to look back at what I’ve learned over the past year and how I can make 2016 my best year yet. Now, ideally,…

  • Beauty Wellbeing

    How I Battled Acne

      After years of battling problematic skin, I have finally found a regime that works for me. Disclaimer: I feel I should open this post with a little disclaimer since I am not a…