Review: Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

Review: Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

November 22, 2016 0 By oliviazao

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Effortless application and professional finish.

So I have been wanting to try out the Real Techniques makeup brushes for a very long time having seen countless beauty bloggers review them. Prior to ordering these, I had a pretty random collection of brushes from a variety of places including Boots, eBay, local hair shops and Amazon.

This kit includes 4 brushes and comes with a handy carry case, which can also be folded down into a makeup stand. The brushes were developed by makeup artist Sam Chapman. Here’s a quick brush-by-brush review!

Buffing brush

It’s recommended that the largest brush is used to finish off foundation with a powder or to buff the edges of your foundation. However, I’ve been using it to apply foundation directly and have had amazing results. By using the brush in small circular motions over your face, you get really excellent coverage. This brush also doesn’t pick up too much product so it’s great for avoiding cakiness and gives a very natural-looking finish.

Pointed foundation brush

As the name suggests, this brush is recommended for applying foundation to smaller areas with more precision. It is also great for applying concealer under the eyes. I haven’t used this brush as much as the others but I have found it very easy to use and blend product with.

Detailer brush

This is the smallest brush in the set and it is so useful. I use this for correcting and concealing my eyebrows as well as part of my highlighter/concealer routine. You only need very light application to get the most from this brush.

Contour brush

The contour brush in this set is the best I have used! It really gets into the hollow of your cheeks and spreads product very evenly. I prefer not to use it for applying blush, however, as it can end up looking a little heavy.

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All in all, I have been very pleased with this set. It’s an excellent core kit to have and I would highly recommend it, especially to anyone just starting out with makeup.