Review: Miller & Carter Steakhouse

Review: Miller & Carter Steakhouse

November 22, 2016 0 By oliviazao

For the love of steak: the best of British beef and quaint converted barn settings, Miller & Carter Steakhouse is a family favourite.

Last weekend, we took a trip to Miller & Carter Steakhouse in Chigwell, Essex for my sister’s 17th birthday. The chain has restaurants across the country so be sure to check their website for your closest branch. It wasn’t our first time at Miller’s; we have been a few times for other birthdays, but I thought I absolutely had to blog about my visit this time since it’s quickly become a favourite spot of mine.

To start with we had our usual starter which is the Sharing Platter, made up of smoked BBQ ribs, baked cheddar mushrooms, crispy calamari, nachos, smoked chipotle & honey chicken wings, sweet potato fries and garlic bread. Everything on the platter was cooked to perfection, especially the sweet potato fries. I’m crazy about anything to do with sweet potato and these fries were crispy and well-seasoned – just the way I like them. If I’m honest, I probably could have finished a platter to myself…

For my main course, I opted for steak. I have had the ribs on previous occasions which are delicious but the 8oz sirloin was calling me. I ordered my steak medium with a porcini mushroom and black garlic sauce. All steaks come with a lettuce wedge with the toppings of your choice, so I went for bacon and honey mustard dressing. The lettuce is a refreshing side alongside the steak, which also came with Miller’s amazing fries and a slice of onion loaf. The steak was perfectly cooked and so flavoursome. The porcini mushroom sauce is also probably the best steak sauce I have had and the black garlic was also not to overwhelming. I definitely will have a go at recreating this sauce at home.

As if I didn’t have enough food, I also ordered a side of lobster mac & cheese. Now, let me tell you about this mac & cheese…I’ve never been a huge fan of macaroni and cheese. There’s something about it that just hasn’t quite sat well with me. However, this mac & cheese has converted me. The lobster was a perfect addition and the top of the pasta was baked to a perfect golden crispiness. Another dish I’d like to try to recreate myself!

Finally, for dessert, after a long time deciding, I settled on the sticky toffee pudding served with warm butterscotch sauce, vanilla bean ice cream and dark chocolate and pistachio shards. I have quite (bit of an understatement) a sweet tooth so this really hit the spot. The sticky toffee pudding was rich and soft and the ice cream was a dream.

All in all, Miller & Carter is a fabulous steakhouse and great for families. They have a menu for younger guests including some fun non-alcoholic cocktails. In the lead up to Christmas, it’s also a fantastic spot for any special occasions such as work meals. Top tip: book in advance to get a good table! It can be particularly busy on the weekends.