Hello, Pixie.

Hello, Pixie.

November 6, 2016 0 By oliviazao

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. – Coco Chanel

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So in December 2014, I took the HUGE step of cutting off all my hair and getting a chic pixie haircut! I’ve since grown to love it and don’t see myself going back to my usual long hair extensions (for the time being). There were several reasons behind this change, which may be of use to any other females considering a drastic hair change:

1) I wanted a change. I had alternated between weave (sewn in hair extensions) and super long braids for the 2.5 years leading up to my haircut. Whilst I loved these hairstyles and found them incredibly versatile, I was becoming bored of my look. I considered dyeing my hair or weave, I considered going for a curly style and I even considered faux-locs. However, a pixie cut seemed like the most exciting choice and it felt like the perfect time in my life to do it.

2) My hair was damaged! After years of using relaxer, i.e. chemical straightener, and the strain caused by weave and extensions, my hair had become increasingly damaged. I was sad about this as I’d always had quite healthy thick hair. The final bolt in the coffin (eek) came about when I had weave installed by a hairdresser in Italy. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very good and the weave was way too tight and quite literally pulled some of my hair out. It was after this that I decided I definitely had to go for a big chop.

3) I plan to “go natural”. There is a wonderful wave currently sweeping across the female African/Caribbean community and it is the natural hair movement. For those unfamiliar with it, it is about women with relaxed/chemically straightened hair returning their hair to its original afro-textured state. The effects of relaxer are technically irreversible and so the transition requires the cutting off of the relaxed hair, or simply letting it break naturally…a daunting thought. I realised that by having a short hairstyle for a while, the transition back to natural hair would be much easier. I’m not sure when I will begin my transition – I am enjoying this style a lot! – but I really can’t wait to sport an afro again.

NB: There is something so liberating about cutting your hair off! With no hair to hide behind, you end up compensating in other ways, being more self-confident and outgoing. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s a decision that made a huge impact on my life.