‘What is a restaurant?’ – A Nouri review

March 5, 2020 Off

Famed for its creativity and holding a Michelin star since its opening year in 2017, Nouri is one of Singapore’s highest-rated restaurants. Food is one of the most important things I look forward to when I travel. It is the perfect insight into the culture and story of a place and many of my favorite…

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Oh Porto!

October 20, 2019 Off

In February, I took another solo trip, this time to sunny Porto in Portugal. A vibrant historical city famous for being the home of port wine. As long time readers may know, I currently work as a trainee solicitor. February marked the end of one of my 6 month seats (or rotations, basically a period…

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Achieve a summer glow with DCL Skincare

July 30, 2018 Off

I am back with another skincare post and this time the spotlight is on Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Skincare or DCL. Having tried two of their most highly-rated products, I have been blown away by the brand and think they’re the perfect summer glow products. I first came across DCL on Catherine Hiron’s blog earlier this…

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My Solo Trip to Malta

February 25, 2018 Off

After completing an intense 6 month post-graduate diploma at law school, I needed some alone time to de-stress and recalibrate. The island of Malta was my destination of choice… I previously had some solo travel experience having moved to Italy alone in 2014 for my year abroad. This was, however, the first time I had…

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Beauty Cocoon Box: Calling all beauty lovers!

November 10, 2017 Off

Beauty Cocoon Box is an exciting monthly subscription service offering affordable beauty boxes worldwide Beauty Cocoon Box first caught my eye after I followed their social media pages to find a refreshing array of women of colour and lots of niche black-owned beauty brands. The philosophy and positive energy of the brand is infectious and…

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Fenty Beauty: My First Impressions

September 12, 2017 Off

I have never been as excited for a makeup launch as I have for Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY. Over 2 years in the making, Fenty Beauty was “made to inspire” for women of all colour, all around the world.    Update (December 2017): After further use of the Fenty Beauty foundation I found that it did…

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